DR Consulting  
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Analysis & Reviews
  • Profile business processes
  • Identify critical functions, roles of IT
  • Identify threats and associated business impact
  • Critical function analysis
  • Assess RPO/RTO/MTPOD Bandwidth Determination and Optimization
  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Develop Continuity Patrol/DR programs
DR Implementation Services  
  • Deploy Continuity Patrol
  • Configure Continuity Patrol to monitor the IT environment
  • Deploy Continuity Patrol software
  • Configure Continuity Patrol to monitor primary and disaster site and services
  • Test configured services
DR Management Services  
  • Management of Applications
  • DR management services for DR drills on a regular basis
  • Periodic switch-over / switch-back (planned) and failover on Real DR scenario
  • Drill procedure including pre-checks and operational steps
  • Monitoring and management provides assured Continuity with deviation alerts by email/SMS.
  • Change management support
  • Workflow automation support
DR on Cloud
In traditional IT DR Solutions recovery site will be setup with Servers, storage arrays, necessary IT infrastructure components
IT Consulting
It- Consulting